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Discover the Power of Partnership with Blume

As a valued partner in the Blume ecosystem, your role is pivotal in empowering Logistics Service Providers and brand cargo owners and enhancing their utilization of our cutting-edge supply chain orchestration and execution digital operating platform, providing end-to-end visibility. We firmly believe that true success is achieved through collaboration, and our partner program embodies this principle.

Your journey as a Blume Partner begins with the potential for significant revenue generation. We offer a wide range of services, including technology and operational consulting, product training, high-touch support, project management, business process optimization, software integration, and customer support.

Blume Partners also gain access to a comprehensive toolkit of resources, which includes marketing collateral, training materials, and technical support. These resources are carefully designed to assist you in promoting and growing your business, ensuring that you are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Three partner types to fit your business model

Service Partner

Focused on the implementation, providing training, operational and technical support of Blume projects in selected region. Certified as a Blume expert, they provide professional services to Blume Customers.

Business Partner

Promotes and markets Blume in selected territories and channels. They receive a commission share in the revenues when the customer goes active.

 Referral Partner

Promotes Blume and refers potential prospects to Blume who then handle the customer relationship. Partners receive referral commissions when the prospect becomes a customer.

Tools, Resources & Training

Blume team

Our team of partner management, sales, and support professionals collaborates to ensure the success of Partner activation and projects. You become a valued member of our expert team, benefiting from our in-depth knowledge of all modes of transportation, including ocean, railroad, road, air, and intermodal operations.


Product training

Self-paced online learning to obtain product certification for each consultant in your practice and to enhance skills when new features are released.

Partner portal

Access digital resources, courses, news updates, collateral, and videos to help you onboard consultants and expand your capabilities.


Ramp-up and ongoing support

Comprehensive partner onboarding program with sales and product training and support through your first Partner project and beyond.

Grow your multimodal business

Marketing content and collateral

Access to sales and product collateral that can be co-branded. Additionally, market thought leadership content that can be rebranded to help you grow your authority.


A live demonstration environment

A functioning User Acceptance Testing(UAT) instance of the Blume platform that can be used to train resources and demonstrate functionality to clients to speed up project development time and increase speed to market.


Joint demand generation activities

Collaborate with Blume Global on thought leadership activities that educate and inform your customers and prospects on multimodal execution and visibility. We bring rich solutions that can solve your customer’s challenges.


All potential partner applicants are assessed by the Blume team via email and phone before formal engagement as a Partner. Once approved, new Partners are guided through a step-by-step partner activation and onboarding process.

Yes, you can be a standalone Blume Partner. Current CargoWise Partners can also become a Blume Partner alongside their existing Cargowise competence capabilities.

Blume offers free, comprehensive training featuring on-demand eLearning resources and examinations. All Partners and customers have access to eLearning.

Partner consultants are certified once they have completed all Blume eLearning courses, successfully shadow between 3-5 customer projects with the Blume team, and successfully demonstrate competence in the project certification checklist as determined by the Blume Project Lead.

There is no direct financial investment required to become a Blume Partner. Our Partners do, however, invest their valuable time and resources into their partner accreditation. It is through continuous professional development and the dedicated involvement in shadowing initial project work that accreditation is obtained.

Yes. Approved Partners will be listed on Blume Partner website.

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