The program

As a CargoWise Service Partner you play an integral role in supporting the worlds’ logistics providers and their use of our industry-leading platform, CargoWise. ​

You will earn revenue working with CargoWise customers by offering technology and business consulting services; training and high-touch product support; project management and business process services; and software integration services and customer support.​

As a CargoWise Service Partner, you will leverage your expertise to deliver business results, and differentiate yourself in the global marketplace of platform service providers to more than 17,000 customers worldwide.​

We will provide you with opportunities, tools, and resources to help you promote and grow your business, and deliver value to CargoWise customers.


of the top 25 global freight forwarders are our customers


our software is licensed for use in


logistics organisations worldwide use our software


of the top 50 Global Third Party Logistics Providers are our customers


CargoWise product enhancements in FY22


languages available in our software


Tools, resources & training

The CargoWise Service Partner program gives you access to a range of benefits to assist your business. The CargoWise Service Partner portal provides partners with a range of enablement tools and resources to grow and market your business. Our industry-leading CargoWise Learning portal (My Account) empowers partners to develop and enhance your CargoWise skills and ensure your Consultants are the best they can be in this complex world of logistics.​

Global team of partner management, customer service, and sales professionals working together to support partner activation and success​.

Digital resources, courseware and community forums give you access to onboard your consultants and grow your practice capability.

Virtual and in-person events that offer learning, development and business building opportunities with the CargoWise team and other CargoWise Partners, and promotional campaigns that help you generate new business leads.

Self-paced online learning for obtaining product certification for each consultant in your practice, and for sharpening skills when new features are released.

Criteria & competencies


All CargoWise Service Partners must achieve and maintain the below minimum requirements to achieve CargoWise Service Partner status:

  1. CargoWise Certification – Maintain a minimum of one (1) active CargoWise Certified Professional (CCP) and 60% of active CargoWise Certified Operator (CCO) or above partner consultants; and
  2. Competencies – Maintain a minimum of one (1) Certified, Gold or Platinum competency according to the table below.



CargoWise Service Partners differentiate themselves in the market by attaining Certified, Gold or Platinum levels in the following competency areas: Forwarding; Customs; Warehouse; Accounting; Workflow; Integration; Global Rollouts.

To achieve a Certified, Gold or Platinum level within a competency, partners are required to maintain competency-specific subject matter experts and recent demonstrated results (validated completed customer projects). The table below details the criteria specific to each competency.

Validated Project Closure Reports will be valid for 18 months, and a program refresh will be undertaken periodically. The table below details the criteria specific to each competency.



Forwarding includes training, configuration and optimisation of CargoWise core forwarding module.


Customs includes training, configuration and optimisation of CargoWise customs module.

Subject Matter Experts must be in-house resources with a recognised accreditation in customs.


Warehouse includes training, configuration and optimisation of CargoWise warehouse module, including inventory management, virtual warehouse, scan-packing and distribution processes.

Subject Matter Experts must be in-house resources with recognised accreditation in warehousing operations and/or previous management experience in the warehousing and storage industry i.e. warehouse operations manager, warehouse branch manager etc.


Accounting includes training, configuration and optimisation of CargoWise accounting, invoicing and netting features.

Subject Matter Experts must be in-house resources with a recognised accreditation in accounting, and/or the equivalent of Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualifications.


Workflow includes training, configuration and optimisation of CargoWise workflow and PAVE projects.

Subject Matter Experts must be in-house resources with a recognised global accreditation in business process management (BPM), process improvement, and/or workflow management.


Integration includes CargoWise interface development, eAdaptor and EDI project scopes. Integration-only partners only require a CargoWise Certified Professional (CCP) consultant for Gold & Platinum tiers.

Subject Matter Experts must be in-house resources with the equivalent of Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification, and/or Java, XML, XSLT, EDI development experience.


Global Rollouts include Global, Multi-region and Multi-party CargoWise project scopes. Only Lead Consultants are eligible to achieve Platinum. There is a separate Global Rollouts Project Closure Report online form for those who are requesting consideration as a 'Contributing Consultant' or 'Lead Consultant'.

Subject Matter Experts must be in-house resources with a recognised global accreditation for project management.


Project Closure Reports
To validate a completed customer project, CargoWise Service Partners must pre-fill and submit the Project Closure Report online form. WiseTech Global will then verify the submission with the client contact.

Tiers & benefits


  • Endorsement as a credentialed CargoWise Partner

  • Access to Partners Only Program Management Site, which offers:

    • Product education and certification program materials

    • Partner Branding toolkit and digital assets (logos)

    • Product Marketing Toolkits

  • Access to the latest features and functionality of CargoWise in a shared training environment
    [Dedicated non-production and/or production systems available for a fee]

  • Eligible for new CargoWise customer referral programs

  • Priority support channel for CargoWise critical incident resolution

  • Access to exclusive CargoWise user forums



CERTIFIED benefits +

  • Access to marketing support to promote your partner activity and events

  • Qualified lead referrals from CargoWise channel marketing campaigns

  • Exclusive offers for regional CargoWise sales events and premier events such as Global CargoWise Conferences (by select invitation only)



GOLD benefits +

  • 100% discounted dedicated non-production CargoWise system (excluding CargoWise Cloud premium service fees)

  • Priority access to new product commercialisation opportunities

  • Dedicated Partner Account Manager

  • Premium and discounted access to CargoWise Partner Conferences


Growing your business

CargoWise Service Partners enjoy exclusive access to powerful tools and resources to build additional revenue streams and grow their consulting businesses:

CargoWise sales tools and processes​

Proven sales processes and content utilised by our global sales teams to grow your CargoWise engagements.


A real world demonstration environment​

A feature rich CargoWise sandpit environment to train consultants, reduce project build times and increase speed to market.​


Demand generation activities and campaign toolkits​

Access to industry events, lead generation initiatives and campaign toolkits. ​

Operational and commercial business resources​

Operational business toolkits to activate new business opportunities and set yourself up for commercial success.​


CargoWise service opportunities​

Work with CargoWise global sales teams to directly access service opportunities and new business leads.​


CargoWise customer referral program​

Build an additional ongoing revenue stream through the CargoWise customer referral program.​



All potential partner applicants are assessed by the CargoWise team via email and phone before formal engagement as a CargoWise Partner. Once approved, new CargoWise Partners will be guided through a step by step partner activation and onboarding process.

CargoWise offers a comprehensive and free training and education portal (CargoWise Learning) featuring a certification pathway, on-demand eLearning resources and examinations. All CargoWise Partners and customers have access to CargoWise Learning via My Account. Potential partners can apply to receive access by contacting

Complete a Project Closure Report for each recent successful CargoWise Partner project. These projects should be completed and confirmed with your client prior to submission. If Subject Matter Experts are required in the competency of your choice, submit the Project Closure Reports together with Subject Matter Expert qualifications to

CargoWise Partners must submit Project Closure Reports (PCRs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to achieve ‘Certified’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ tiers within the available partner competencies. CargoWise Service Partners can apply for accreditation in any and all competencies where they have demonstrated customer project success. Please refer to the CargoWise Service Partner Program Guidebook (this page) for more information on how to achieve these accreditations.

Yes. Customer contacts receive a copy of the submitted Project Closure Report to verify. Verification by the customer is a mandatory step in the process and will be managed by WiseTech Global.

Once partners submit a Project Closure Report, the CargoWise Partner team will review the report and forward its contents to the Client Contact for verification via email within 2 business days. Once the Project Closure Reports have been verified by the customer (by reply email) and your Subject Matter Expert qualifications have been approved, partners will receive confirmation of their accreditation via email. Note: The Client Contact has approximately 21 days to verify the PCR, after which the request will be closed, and the partner notified.

Partner competency tiers will be valid as long as you maintain the minimum Project Closure Report (PCR) requirements for each competency. PCRs are valid for 18 months from the project completion date. For example, projects completed from January 2020 onwards will be considered valid toward your partner competency.

Partners can expect additional competencies to be added to the program over time. These additions will be timed with new module releases and the integration of adjacency products and will assist you to differentiate your skills as a CargoWise Partner. New competencies will be accompanied by additional criteria, learning material and benefits.

There is no direct financial investment required to become a CargoWise Partner. Our CargoWise Partners do, however, invest their valuable time and resources into their partner accreditation. It is through continuous professional development and the submission of Project Closure Reports that accreditation is obtained.

Your project will qualify as a Global Rollout project should it involve lead and contributor consultants in a significant global and multi-region CargoWise rollout. Multi-region is defined as global scope projects spanning multiple regions such as the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific etc. Please use the Global Rollout Project Closure Report if you have such a project. The Lead Consultant PCR submission will be confirmed by the client and WiseTech Global. Contributing Consultant PCR submissions will be confirmed by the Lead Consultant and the client. Global Rollouts are at the sole discretion of WiseTech Global.

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CargoWise Service Partners must submit Project Closure Reports to earn Certified, Gold and Platinum competencies.

Submit a Project Closure Report