Minimum project requirements
  • Projects must have been completed within eighteen (18) months of the date of submission.
  • Partners must have delivered a minimum of eight (8) hours of services per selected competency.
  • One Project Closure Report can only include up to two (2) competencies within a single end-to-end project. Additional competencies within the same project must be submitted via a separate PCR and feature a different Client Contact.
  • Projects must be of a size and scope that deliver commercial value. Project acceptance is at the sole discretion of WiseTech Global.
How to use this form
  1. Form Submission: To submit a Project Closure Report, pre-fill and submit the below form. Please ensure all details are accurate, including client contact information.
  2. Verification: WiseTech Global will verify the submission directly with the Client Contact. To assist with this process, please advise the client that you have submitted a Project Closure Report. Please allow up to two weeks for verification.
  3. Confirmation: WiseTech Global will advise once verification has been received, and if applicable, update your partner listing on the WiseTech Global website.

Note: If you have not received a confirmation after two weeks, please follow up directly with the Client Contact to ensure they have responded to the verification request.